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Alice In WWW.Wonderland!

July 14th-16th

Groundlings Theatre

Both our Havant and Portsmouth Budding Actors will be performing a modern take on Alice In Wonderland, with a completely original script and songs written by the TYC team in collaboration with the incredible musical talent of Rumour Talks!

The year is 2022, Alice has updated with the times and is your average teenager enjoying vlogging and tweeting, yet an argument with her sister suddenly sends Alice on an adventure of self discovery in this heartfelt tale of finding out who you are in an age of filters and photoshop...


25th July - 29th July

1st - 5th August

15th - 19th August 

This summer, The Young Creatives are collaborating with the Haf Fun Pompey project again to provide three weeks of drama based workshops for ages 5-16! From playing with dinosaurs, to exploring the best and most wicked of Roald Dahl's creations, to discovering the world of Film Making, and then having two fabulous musical weeks followed by a Westend and Mayflower trip, TYC are bringing energy, creativity, and lots of fun to Portsmouth! With free spaces available and a hot meal and snacks being provided each day, we want to give as many children as possible the opportunity to get involved! Book your spot through the link below...