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TYC in schools: Covid Risk Assessment

Please click the icon to download our Corvid Risk Assessment for working within schools. This is a general RA, it is reevaluated and completed for each new site visited. 

Risk Assessment:

TYC in Schools

Staying safe in TYC Drama Schools

How we are keeping your child safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic 

The following is in regards to classes held at:

New Theatre Royal (NTR)

Bedhampton community Centre (BCC)

Brightstars Dance Academy Havant (BSA)

Classes included are:        

Portsmouth Budding and Company Actors (TYCP Budding & Company)

Havant Seedling and Budding Actors (TYCP Seedlings & Budding)

1-2-1 LAMDA Students (LAMDA)

Prior to attending:

  • All parents must sign the TYC Household Health form prior to their child returning to or attending any classes. 

  • Please do not send your child to any TYC classes if they are unwell, or if they or anyone in their household is displaying symptoms of Covid-19.


At Drop off and Pick up:

  • NTR and BCC Class times have be slightly altered to eliminate classes bubbles passing in the venue 

  • BCC and LAMDA Entrances and exits have been altered to eliminate class bubbles passing

  • No parents/carers are permitted to enter the building (unless in an emergency)

  • All parents/carers are required to adhere to social distancing when outside the venue

In Class: 

  • Teachers are trained in Covid-19 procedure to ensure safeguards are in place

  • Each class is set as a bubble of 15 as advised by Government Guidelines Sept 2020

  • Please ensure your child only brings essential possessions to class - water, snack, mobile phones on silent if essential, any medical needs i.e. EpiPen - these must all be contained in bag and not brought out unless needed

  • Class rooms are marked out in line with social distancing

  • Hand sanitisation will be undertaken by all upon entry, after toilet visits and upon exit.

  • Hand sanitisers will be in each classroom and the main entrance (where applicable).

  • Each venue has posters and signage regarding hand washing / sanitising, social distancing etc 

  • All venues have arranged deep cleaning before and after our sessions.

  • Teachers will clean between classes. 

  • All indoors spaces will be well ventilated in line with Government Guidelines

  • Equipment will be used by one class only or thoroughly cleaned by staff between classes

  • In the event of a venue or teacher becoming unavailable due to Covid-19 we will endeavor to offer replacement classes delivered via Zoom 

As government guidance and policy change we will be updating safety measures accordingly. Above written longside Government Guidelines for Out of School Settings September 2020.

Our full Covid-19 Risk Assessment is available for download here - 

Our Household Health Forms are available to download here - 

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